Pick up your Boom Ball and smash all the blocks!

Works with iPhone and iPad.

Cheerful arcade finger pong featuring:

  • Short, intense bursts of quickfire gameplay
  • Manic multiball mayhem
  • Explosive rectangular sheep
  • A huge variety of scenic levels to be discovered
  • Abso-ball-lutely ball-tastic action!

Join the fun and go ballistic with Boom Ball!

How to play:

  • Tap to pick up a ball
  • Swipe to launch the ball in that direction
  • Keep the ball in play by hitting it
  • Smash blocks to reach Boom Time
  • Throw fireballs as fast as you can to clear the level!

Earn medals for awesome achievements:

  • Clear a level
  • Beat the gold time limit
  • Don't lose any balls
  • Clear a level on the blazingly fast Turbo Mode

Look out for these bonuses:

  • Multiball: Juggle up to 20 balls!
  • Heavy ball: Smash through all the blocks!
  • Big ball: It's huge!
  • Explosive ball: Blow stuff up!

Get tactical with block types:

  • Regular blocks: Hit once to break.
  • Explosive blocks: They go BOOM!
  • Stone blocks: Hit twice to break.
  • Metal blocks: Unbreakable (except with an explosive ball).
  • Generator blocks: They create more blocks!


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